Continued Links with Ireland

Dr Leslie Lam Doctorate

IGAS member Dr Leslie Lam receiving an honorary Doctor of Medicine in Singapore from National University of Ireland Chancellor Dr Maurice Manning in June 2014. Only seven other UCD medical graduates have been honoured in this way in the past 160 year. Leslie graduated from University College Dublin in 1967.

Trinity Library

40th Anniversary Year

The Irish Graduates Association of Singapore 40th Anniversary Heritage Project is currently underway. There are three elements to the project:

  • Oral history recordings of members and other graduates of Irish instituions from the 1950s to current undergraduates
  • Digital archive of IGAS records plus documents and photographs kindly donated by members, friends and institutions
  • A 40th Anniversary book to be launched at some point when the current COVID-19 pandemic is over.

    The book is currently in production. It focuses on the strong educational links between the island of Ireland and the island of Singapore, the Emerald Isle and the Little Red Dot.


    In June 1931 the Trinity graduates in Singapore held their first Trinity Dinner. Until 1935 they came under the umbrella of the Trinity College Dublin Association Malaya Branch, and subsequently created the Singapore Branch. In the years that followed, TCD alumni continued to meet once a year. Even when alumni were interned during the Japanese Occupation, the men managed to hold one last meeting in Changi Prison in 1942. For almost 40 more years after this the Trinity Association continued to be the only Irish alumni group in Singapore with graduates from other Irish universities joining in with the association's activities.

    In early 1980 the Trinity Association's Honorary Secretary, Mr Fergus Healy, organised an evening event for Irish graduates. Fergus, who was then Irish Honorary Consul, and Dr Harry Ho, one of the earliest Singapore graduates of the National University of Ireland, suggested that a more meaningful Irish alumni association would include graduates from all tertiary institutes, North and South of Ireland. A pro-tem committee was headed by Fergus to take the matter further.

    The Irish Graduates Association of Singapore was officially established in 1980 upon receiving authorisation from the Singapore Registrar of Societies. The 27 founder members of IGAS who met on 22 May 1980 at the Singapore Alumni Centre included the late Mr Fergus Healy, Drs Harry Ho, Khoo Chong Yew, Jimmy Lim Aik Foo, Lawrence Leong, the late Raymond Perera, Stanley Quek, Chin Mun Kui, Martin Ng, Lim Hwee Leng, Associate Prof Raja Simiah, the late Mrs Ellen Khoo, Messrs Theng Chye Yam, Hacharan Singh, Michael Yeo, Hilary Pereira, the late Brother Joe McNally and Father F. A. Bata. The first President of the Association was Dr Harry Ho and the Vice President was the late Mr Fergus Healy.

    In March 1995 the IGAS Constitution was changed to admit Associate Members, anyone who has connections with or an interest in Ireland. Next year we hope to change our constitution again to introduce Honorary Life Membership in recognition of members' achievements and Founder Member for those early Trinity Association members who began IGAS.

    IGAS is a member of the Alumni International Singapore.